Top Ten Things to do in Bern

Gateway. Traditional. Historic. Charming.

Photo by Matheus Guimaru00e3es on
  1. Visit the Federal Palace – Switzerland’s Parliament building
  2. Meet the wildlife at Bern’s Bear Park
  3. See the collection at the Kunstmuseum (Museum of fine art)
  4. Stroll around the medieval centre of Bern’s Old Town
  5. Explore the exhibitions at the Natural History Museum
  6. Relax in the Rosengarten (The Rose Garden Park)
  7. See the 800 year old clock tower – Zytglogge
  8. Visit the iconic Bern Munster (Bern Cathedral)
  9. Learn something new at the Einstein Museumand Historical Museum of Bern
  10. Hike to the top of Gurten for spectacular views

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