Top Ten Things to do in Bogota

Cosmopolitan. Expansive. Architecture. Colourful.

Photo by FRANK MERIu00d1O on
  1. Visit the famous Gold Museum
  2. Shop at the craft market in Usaquen (Sundays)
  3. Hike Monserrate Mountain for spectacular views
  4. Have a picnic in Simon Bolivar Park
  5. Take a trip to the Lake of Guatavita – the site of the legend of El Dorado
  6. Explore the historic old town ‘La Candelaria’
  7. See the collection at the Botero Museum & art gallery
  8. Try traditional Colombian cuisine at ‘Andrés Carne de Res’
  9. Take a Colombian coffee tour and see how the coffee is grown, harvested, roasted and brewed
  10. Enjoy the nightlife in Zona Rosa – one of Bogota’s most upscale neighborhoods

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