Top Ten Things to do in Brisbane

Diverse. Vibrant. Easy-going. Sunshine

  1. Take off in a hot balloon for a one hour scenic flight
  2. Visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
  3. Brave a 14,000 foot tandem Skydive with a spectacular beach landing
  4. Discovery the history behind the famous XXXX beer on a brewery tour
  5. Cruise the river during the day or night and enjoy the food onboard
  6. Go whale watching off the coast and see the humpbacks in their natural habitat
  7. Get active on Brisbane’s watersports orientated Moreton Island
  8. Explore the art galleries and museums in Brisbane’s cultural centre
  9. Enjoy the atmosphere of Brisbane’s South bank with its man-made street beaches
  10. Taste your way through the luxury and refinement of chocolate on the chocolate walking tour

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