Top Ten Things to do in Kathmandu

Mountains. Laid-back. Arty. Heritage.

Photo by Bimal Ranabhat on
  1. Trek to one of the Everest Camps
  2. Visit Kathmandu’s royal palace – Hanuman Dhoka
  3. Have a drink at the Rum Doodle Bar – the site of successful Everest expedition celebrations
  4. Take a day tour to the unique Bhaktapur to see the unusual temples
  5. Search for wildlife at Chitwan National Park
  6. Stroll around the beautiful Garden of Dreams
  7. Sample the traditional Nepalese specialty dish ‘momos’
  8. Visit the iconic UNESCO heritage Boudhanath Stupa temple
  9. Take a day trip to the vibrant town of Patan
  10. Explore the heart of the old town in Durbar Square

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