Top Ten Things to do in Maui

Surfing. Beaches. Laid-Back. Landscape.

Photo by James Wheeler on
  1. Take a surf lesson on one of Maui’s popular surf beaches
  2. Hike the dormant Haleakala Volcano
  3. Snorkel or dive at Molokini Crater
  4. Swim like a mermaid with a custom made tail at Hawaii Mermaid adventures
  5. Spot the marine life on a Whale watching cruise
  6. Fly through the trees on a Zip-line tour
  7. Sample the local culture at a Luau show
  8. Enjoy a day out at Maui Ocean Centre and see the fish
  9. See the island from above on a helicopter tour
  10. Drive the road to Hana with its many natural wonders

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