Top Ten Things to do in Munich

Contrasting. Culture. Arty. Scenery.

Photo by Antonio Sokic on
  1. Take a day trip to Neuschwanstein Castle – the inspiration behind Disney’s famous castle
  2. Explore the sprawling Olympic Park with its fun filled activities
  3. Discover the legendary devil’s footprint at Frauenkirche – the Cathedral of our Lady
  4. Visit the Residenz Museum at Munich’s Magnificent Residenz
  5. See the burial place of kings at St Michael’s Church
  6. Meet the wildlife at Hellabrunn Zoo
  7. Sample traditional German beer at the Hofbrauhaus brewery
  8. Visit the Marienplatz, the site if the iconic New Town Hall
  9. Explore the vast Englischer Garten – one of the world’s largest urban parks
  10. Take a guided tour of the Nymphenburg Palace

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