Top Ten Things to do in New York

Iconic. The Big Apple. Bustling. Broadway.

Photo by Pixabay on
  1. Take in a show at one of the 40 Broadway theatres
  2. Get a photo at the top of the Empire State Building
  3. Stroll around the iconic Central park
  4. Discover the iconic sites at Rockerfeller Centre
  5. Enjoy a day with the masters, such as Manet and Picasso, at the Guggenheim
  6. Prebook a cruise and tour combo ticket for the Statue of Liberty and skip the queues
  7. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and explore the 17 curatorial collections
  8. Remember the tragedy at the 9/11 memorial
  9. Grab a slice of famous New York pizza at Juliana’s Pizza or Numero 28 Pizzeria
  10. Immerse yourself in a baseball game at Yankee stadium

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