Top Ten Things to do in Noumea

Laid-Back. Ocean. Foodie. Culture.

Photo by Richard Segal on
  1. Swim with turtles on an Amedee Island day tour
  2. Sample the French cuisine at La Tables Des Gourmets restaurant
  3. Discover the native aquatic life at the aquarium
  4. Learn about New Caledonia’s wartime history at the World War Two Museum
  5. Enjoy the stunning architecture at St Joseph’s Cathedral
  6. Meet the wildlife at the Zoological and Forest Park
  7. Relax under a coconut tree at Anse Vata Bay
  8. Fly over the archipelago in an ultralight aircraft and see the famous Heart of Voh
  9. Trek through the forests on a guided horse back tour
  10. Snorkel the UNESCO heritage listed New Caledonian Barrier Reef

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