Top Ten Things to do in Tahiti

Romantic. Ocean. Beautiful. Culture.

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  1. Explore Tahiti’s main Island on a guided half day tour
  2. Go on a guided snorkeling tour off Moorea
  3. Explore marine life with a shark and stingray safari
  4. Eat a delicious dinner at the most popular Bora Bora restaurant ‘Bloody Mary’s’
  5. Take a guided Jet Ski tour
  6. Enjoy a Whale watching cruise off from the Papeete Coast
  7. Discover Papeete by day or night on a Segway tour
  8. Zip through Moorea’s lush Mountain Terrain on the Tiki Park Zip line course
  9. Enjoy a glass bottom boat tour off the coast of Bora Bora
  10. Hike the Pass of the Three Coconuts on Moorea

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