Top Ten Things to do in Tokyo

Contrasting. Culture. Tradition. Bustling.

Image courtesy of Theo Cookson
  1. Relive your childhood at Disneyland Tokyo
  2. Visit the tallest tower in the Japan – Tokyo’s Skytree
  3. Take a day trip out to Mount Fuji
  4. Explore Ueno-Park, with its zoo, aquarium and museum on site
  5. Visit the Senso-ji Temple in the famous Asakusa district
  6. Go shopping in the Ginza district
  7. Learn about the history of Samurai at the Samurai Museum
  8. Have dinner at the totally unique Ninja Akasaka restaurant
  9. Hop onboard the sky duck for a half road – half water based tour
  10. Experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony at Chazen

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