Top Ten Things to do in Toronto

Diverse. Entertaining. Sprawling. Foodie.

Photo by Burst on
  1. Take a stroll through Historic Distillery District and see the Victorian era buildings
  2. Score a tour of the Air Canada Centre for NHL and NBA fans
  3. Meet the wildlife at Toronto zoo
  4. Explore the incredible Casa Loma – A huge castle that used to be a private home
  5. Zip and swing your way through the forest at Tree Trekking
  6. See the sights from the top of the CN Tower
  7. Traverse the city on a street car tour and hop on and off at your leisure
  8. Ride the Leviathan roller-coaster at Canada’s Wonderland
  9. Shop til you drop at Toronto’s Eaton Centre
  10. Broaden your knowledge of science at the Ontario Science Centre

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