Top Ten Things to do in Mallorca

Vibrant. Nightlife. Beaches. Bustling.

Photo by Attila Marosi on
  1. Enjoy a day or two at Mallorca’s vibrant capital Palma
  2. Relax on Cala Mesquida Beach
  3. Rave the night away in Magaluf
  4. Stroll through the pretty coastal village of Deia
  5. Trek through the Coves del Drach and see the underwater lakes
  6. Marvel at the 14th Century architecture of Bellver Castle
  7. Hire a mountain bike and take to the rocky trails
  8. Go diving at the Posidonia Oceanica
  9. Try some local wine at a Mallorcan Bodega
  10. Buy some local produce at one of Mallorca’s many organic markets

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