Top Ten Things to do in Santorini

Iconic. Beaches. Volcanic. Sunsets

Photo by jimmy teoh on
  1. Explore the coastal town of Firá
  2. Take a catamaran or kayak trip to find coves and snorkelling spots
  3. Tour the Caldera, a giant sea-filled crater created by a volcanic eruption
  4. Watch the sunset from Oia
  5. Visit Akrotíri Archaeological Site
  6. Learn something new at the Museum of Prehistoric Thira
  7. Enjoy the crystal waters of Ammoudi Bay
  8. Sample the delights of wine tasting at the Gaia Winery or Domaine Sigalas
  9. See the stunning architecture of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist
  10. View Firá from above on a cable car trip

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