Top Ten Things to do in Tirana

Scenic. Colourful. Culture. Historic.

Photo by Daniel Frese on
  1. Take a trip in the cable-car (Dajti Ekspres) and see the city from above
  2. Tour the historic Kruja & Preza Castles
  3. Stroll around the lake at the Grand Park
  4. Cook like a local with a traditional cooking class
  5. Explore the anti-nuclear bunker ‘Bunk’Art 1’, a five-floor underground palace
  6. Learn something new at the National Historic Museum
  7. See the collection at ‘Bunk’Art 2’ a political museum
  8. Get your selfie with the Skanderbeg Statue
  9. Take a day trip to lively waterfront town, Durres
  10. Visit square 21 for shopping and dining

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