Top Ten Things to do in Sardinia

Beaches. Scenery. Historic. Foodie.

Photo by Symeon Ekizoglou on
  1. Visit the UNESCO listed site Nuraghe Su Nuraxi
  2. Explore the beautiful medieval city of Oristano
  3. Enjoy a boat trip along the Baunei Coast
  4. See the 16th century cathedral at Campanile
  5. Hike the Cala Goloritzè trail
  6. Explore the Islands city of Cagliari
  7. Take a wine & cheese tasting tour with a local guide
  8. Explore the La Maddalena archipelago on a boat trip
  9. Visit the ‘lost city’ of Tiscali on a guided tour
  10. Shop for fresh food at the San Benedetto market

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