Top Ten Things do to in Mexico City

Sprawling. Foodie. Architecture. Bustling. Cruise through Xochimilco, known as the Venice of the new world Visit Teotihuacan the UNESCO world heritage ancient city See the incredible collection at the Soumaya Museum and art gallery Take a day tour to the colonial city Puebla at the foot of a snowcapped Volcano Discover the ancient Aztec artifactsContinue reading “Top Ten Things do to in Mexico City”

Top Ten Things to do in Cancun

Resorts. Nightlife. Beaches. Foodie. Swim with wild dolphins in the ocean at Isla Mujeres Take a Jungle Maya Tour and cruise through the longest underground river in the world Enjoy a Chichen Itza day tour and see one of the 7 wonders of the world Experience the astounding sights the Mayan city of Tulum onContinue reading “Top Ten Things to do in Cancun”