Top Ten Things to do in Copenhagen

Colourful. Diverse. Dynamic. Vibrant.

Photo by Pixabay on
  1. See the iconic Little Mermaid staute
  2. Enjoy a fun-filled day at Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park
  3. Visit Kronborg Castle – the setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  4. Go shopping in Stoget – one of Europes longest pedestrian streets
  5. Visit Bakken – the world’s oldest amusement park
  6. Discover over 3000 species at Copenhagen Zoo
  7. See the Queens Tapestries at Christiansborg Palace
  8. Take a horse and cart around Carlsberg and see the site of the famous brewery
  9. Enjoy the collection at ARKEN Museum of Modern Art
  10. Have a drink at The Jane, with its inviting fireplace and ‘Mad Men’ style theme

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