Top Ten Things to do in Vanuatu

Diving. Tropical. Pacific Culture. Nature.

Photo by Neha Pandey on
  1. Send an underwater postcard just off Hideaway Island
  2. Snorkel in the ocean and try to find a sunken ship
  3. Relax on the best beach in Vanuatu, Champagne Beach
  4. Visit the Yakel Tribe on Tanna Island and experience village life
  5. Climb the worlds most accessible active Volcano on Tanna – Mount Yasur
  6. Swim in the natural pool Matevulu Blue Hole on Espiritu Santo
  7. Browse the handicraft stalls at the Port Vila Markets
  8. Eat local seafood at Palm Cove Beach bar & Grill
  9. Try some of the South Pacific’s most potent Kava at any Kava bar
  10. Take a helicopter flight to Lelepa Island and have a champagne toast

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