Top Ten Things to do in Madrid

Expansive. Elegant. Arty. Football.

Photo by Alex Azabache on
  1. Discover the incredible artwork at the Museo del Prado
  2. Eat your way through a ‘Mysteries of Tapas’ tour
  3. Visit La Granja De San Ildefonso, formally a royal palace used by Spanish Monarchs
  4. Explore the Mercado San Miguel – the art Nouveu Marketplace
  5. Meet the animals at Madrid Zoo
  6. Enjoy a candlelit dinner and a Flamenco show
  7. Take a picture with ‘El Oso y el Madrono’ sculpture
  8. Learn to make a Spanish classic in a Paella Cooking Class
  9. Enjoy a self-guided tour of Estadio Santiago Bernabéu – Real Madrid’s stadium
  10. Explore the city on a hop on hop off bus trip

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