Top Ten Things to do in Reykjavik

Landscape. Colourful. Creative. Laid-Back.

Photo by Gylfi Gylfason on
  1. Visit the iconic Blue Lagoon Thermal Pools
  2. See the architecturally stunning Hallgrímskirkja Church
  3. Take a scenic helicopter ride over the city
  4. Go on a whale watching and puffin tour
  5. Sample the famous seafood and grilled meats at a traditional Icelandic restaurant
  6. Spot the Northern lights (normally September – April)
  7. Make your way to the top of the Pearl (Perlan) for a stunning view
  8. Buy yourself a traditional hand-knitted woolen jumper (Lopapeysa)
  9. See the 105 foot waterfall on a day tour around the golden circle
  10. Visit the famous Harpa concert hall

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