Top Ten Cities to Visit for Foodies

Flavour. Culture. Tradition. Fusion.

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  1. Tokyo – 230 Michelin starred restaurants, more than anywhere else in the world. Iconic foods: sushi, tempura and ramen
  2. Paris – 2nd most Michelin stars, the home of the food and wine pairing. Iconic foods: souffle, macarons and baguettes
  3. New York – Pizza’s by the slice, bagels, tacos, ice cream and bakeries everywhere. Iconic foods: Clam chowder, cheesecake, pizza and pastrami
  4. London – From fine dining to foodie markets, phenomenal curry spots and afternoon high tea. Iconic foods: Pies, Fish and chips and cheeses
  5. Kyoto – Rich culinary tradition along with newer fusion restaurants. Terrace dining is a must. Iconic foods: Tofa, Hamo and Matcha
  6. Barcelona – Tapas, cafes, delis and world class coffee. Also a great place to take a traditional cooking class. Iconic foods: Paella, cannelloni and crema Catalana
  7. Brussels – From junk food to fine dining, Belgium is home to some of the worlds best loved food and Brussels is the best place to find it. Iconic food: Mussels, meatballs, French fries and waffles
  8. Berlin – German cuisine is hearty and very specific. Here there’s Michelin starred restaurants, bakeries and other countries cuisines to sample. Iconic food: Currywurst, Schnitzel and pork knuckles
  9. Singapore – hawker stands for street food, a melting pot of different cuisine. Iconic food: Chili crab, chicken rice and laksa
  10. Hong Kong – Inexpensive, large variety and eats-meets-west vibe. Iconic foods: Sweet & sour pork, Wontons and Dim Sum

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