Top Ten Places to Visit for Wine Lovers

Flavours. Tastings. Tours. Scenery. San Francisco – with the Napa & Sonoma Valleys close by and endless wine tasting options around the city. Famous for Chardonnay Marlborough – produces 80% of New Zealand’s wine. Many cellar doors within easy distance of each other. Famous for Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux – from inexpensive table wines to theContinue reading “Top Ten Places to Visit for Wine Lovers”

Top Ten Countries for Foodies

Flavours. Spices. Aromas. Tradition. Italy – a paradise for foodie lovers. Every region has it’s own cheeses, wine and specialties. Try the risotto in the North, seafood in the south and aubergine in Sicily. Japan – From Michelin star restaurants, to quirky dining experiences, to bustling sushi markets. Try the fine dining in Tokyo, localContinue reading “Top Ten Countries for Foodies”

Top Ten Cities to Visit for Foodies

Flavour. Culture. Tradition. Fusion. Tokyo – 230 Michelin starred restaurants, more than anywhere else in the world. Iconic foods: sushi, tempura and ramen Paris – 2nd most Michelin stars, the home of the food and wine pairing. Iconic foods: souffle, macarons and baguettes New York – Pizza’s by the slice, bagels, tacos, ice cream andContinue reading “Top Ten Cities to Visit for Foodies”