Top Ten Countries for Foodies

Flavours. Spices. Aromas. Tradition.

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  1. Italy – a paradise for foodie lovers. Every region has it’s own cheeses, wine and specialties. Try the risotto in the North, seafood in the south and aubergine in Sicily.
  2. Japan – From Michelin star restaurants, to quirky dining experiences, to bustling sushi markets. Try the fine dining in Tokyo, local produce in Okinawa and the street food in Osaka.
  3. France – The home of Michelin dining, cooking is an art form in France. Try the dumplings in Lyon, fine dining in Paris and mussels in Lille.
  4. Greece – Greece has many exciting experiences for foodies like truffle hunting and farm to table. Try some Island hopping to try different local delicacies. Sample cheese and wine in Naxos, food markets in Athens, and gyros anywhere!
  5. Mexico – Vibrant and varied, Mexico has food that has inspired flavours all over the world. From family run eateries to taco stands. Try the pambazos in Mexico City, the fish tacos in Baja California and the empanadas in the south.
  6. Thailand – Thai food is known for it’s complex flavours, aromas and spices. Street food is everywhere along with markets and high-end restaurants in the cities. Try the sticky rice in the North, the fine dining in Bangkok and the rich curries in the south.
  7. India – diverse from region to region, Indian food is known for its rich flavours and colours. Try tandoori meats in the north, prawns in Goa, Biryani in Hyderabad, Chana dal in West Bengal and sambar in the south.
  8. Vietnam – Diverse and affordable, Vietnam is more than just Pho (but definitely try the Pho!). Try the Bun cha in the north, Mi quang in central Vietnam, Banh xeo in the south
  9. Argentina – Known for it’s steak and wine, but there’s also fresh seafood, spicy stews and (thanks to its Italian influences) handmade pasta. Try a BBQ dinner (Traditional Asado), dulce de leche and make your own empanadas.
  10. Turkey – thanks to its location Turkey’s cuisine boasts both Asian and European influences. You can attend a cooking class in a cave in Cappadocia, sip lentil soup in a rooftop restaurant in Istanbul and sample meze (aka mezze) on the Aegean coast.

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