Top Ten Things to do in Georgia (Country)

Scenery. Caves. Colourful. Culture.

Photo by Rudolf Kirchner on
  1. Explore Tbilisi’s colourful old town
  2. Take the cable car in Tbilisi to the Narikala Fortress
  3. Visit Mtskheta where the remains 4,000 year old of human settlement have been found
  4. Tour the 12th century cave monastery Vardzia
  5. Explore the tourist friendly city of Batumi
  6. Try the local delicacy Khachapuri
  7. Sample the amazing Georgian wine on a wine tour
  8. Visit the UNESCO heritage site Gelati Monastery
  9. Explore the picturesque villages of Svaneti
  10. Hike through one of the trials in the Caucasus Mountains

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